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Our pharmacy options prioritize access, affordability, and your safety.

Pharmacy locator phone number 800-391-9701

Call the pharmacy locator number to select from over 60,000 retail pharmacies everywhere.

Medications & drug lists

Use the drug list below to learn about:

  • Prescription drugs included in your health plan
  • Pharmacy costs
  • Alternate drug choices

How to save money on prescriptions

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Order by mail

GAIP members can save time and money by using the mail-order option through Rubenstein Pharmacy. Follow link and scroll down to see Mail-order prescription drugs.
(This option not available for ISHIP members.)

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Choose generic drugs

Generic drugs are as safe and effective as brand-name drugs. On average, members can save up to $222 a year by choosing generic instead of brand-name drugs.

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Check for preapproval

Avoid surprise bills by asking your doctor if a drug requires preapproval.

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