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It’s your choice

We invite you to take control of your healthcare with Healthwise decision support. Healthwise is an independent, nonprofit, award-winning provider of patient-centered guides and tools. These resources are intended to help you make decisions with your provider.

Explore care options

The benefits of health condition & treatment decision aids

Decision aids are meant to improve your knowledge and help you make choices about your healthcare. Evidence-based tools are informative and educational, giving you the latest medical science and alternatives. You can research and determine what’s right for you and have a discussion with your provider. The decision aids will help:

  • Increase your ability to communicate your needs
  • Improve communication with your provider
  • Improve understanding of specific options, treatment, and outcomes

Mental and behavioral health

It’s important to remember that our mental health can change over time, depending on various life factors. No matter the challenges you’re facing there is help. Explore the Healthwise mental health topics to learn more.


Whether you or a loved one are undergoing cancer treatment, you should know that there are many care options. In addition to managing your treatment, in partnership with your health care team, staying informed about medical tests and treatment options is important.


Living with diabetes requires lifestyle changes, from managing and controlling your blood glucose levels to exercising and eating well. To make better decisions about your diabetes work, with your health care team and stay informed.

Wellness and prevention

Your overall health matters. Making healthy lifestyle choices every day can help you prevent serious illnesses and maintain your overall health. It takes practice and commitment, from staying active and eating well to finding time to unwind your mind.

Ask your questions

It’s OK to ask your provider why you are being referred for additional tests or treatments. In fact, some commonly recommended tests are not medically necessary and might come with more risk than some are willing to take. Decision aids can help you identify what is important to you, what is the right treatment for you, what do you need, and prefer.

Remember, decision aids are not designed to tell you which treatment options is best for you, but rather to inform and enable you to make smart decisions about your health.